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Welcome to, a state-of-the-art digital horse show, offering expert feedback and growth opportunities for all members of the equestrian world. We are the official sanctioned online horse show competition of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA).

Calling All Pony Kids! The USHJA Digital Pony Challenge, Powered by, Is Still Accepting Entries!

Want to learn more about how to video modeling your pony and what our judges are looking for? Watch the video below!

our approach

The goal of is to provide thoughtful, helpful, entertaining competition at an affordable price in a reliable format for all levels.

Measure progress against your peers, get yourself and your horse in front of an audience, and test your talent before our elite list of United States Equestrian Federation-licensed judges!

How did it start? A group of industry professionals with experience in video, show management, entry systems, sales, and marketing have come together to offer a place for equestrians to maintain their competitive edge and receive thoughtful feedback for themselves and their horses. With an inclusive chat feature, members can connect with each other to discuss rounds, sport, and be a part of the horse show community. offers a way for riders to connect and learn when they can’t be at a competition. Our equestrian events are affordable at only $35 per class entry for our introductory fee and are judged by licensed officials who give constructive feedback on each round. Along with competition, members can watch entire competitions and live broadcast shows for free! Join our mailing list to get the latest news and information on show dates and more.

Digital Horse Show is Easy to Use

Our seamless system and entry forms ensure a user-friendly experience from start to finish. Learn more.

Digital Horse Show is Easy to Use

Our seamless system and entry forms ensure a user-friendly experience from start to finish. Learn more.

High-Tech Video Capability

Our high-tech video team creates a welcoming horse show atmosphere with live commentary, easy course design, and more!

High-Tech Video Capability

Our high-tech video team creates a welcoming horse show atmosphere with live commentary, easy course design, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! Click to visit our FAQ section!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! Click to visit our FAQ section!


Each event is set up with multiple divisions, with courses developed by USEF-licensed course designers or judges, that can be easily replicated at any home barn and outline what obstacles, jump material, and distances should be used. Exhibitors can submit a video of themselves competing over the course at home, and their round will be evaluated by a USEF-licensed official, who will then choose the top videos in each division to bring forward to the live broadcast for discussion. 

When entries and the show schedule open for each week’s show, competitors from novice to young riders to professionals will have a set number of days to submit their best round (any videos submitted must be done in one round, edited videos are disqualified) using a smartphone or computer before the contest deadline. As rounds are received, they are posted to, and the judge for the event reviews each round after the closing deadline.  

VIP, PREMIUM COMPETITOR, and ELITE members have the opportunity to submit a spectator score for the rounds. The average of all spectator scores will be posted and viewers can compare it to the judge’s scores. 

In the live broadcast, a horse show announcer will announce the horse and rider. Following the round, there will be judge/panelist remarks with constructive criticism and feedback. 

The broadcast will then host a live “Ask Us Anything” discussion, where VIP, PREMIUM COMPETITOR, and ELITE members can interact with the panel/judge. An INSIDER member who is signed in can watch and see the comments, but they cannot comment. VIP, PREMIUM COMPETITOR, and ELITE members can upvote to elevate questions and comments they like the most during the Ask Us Anything sessions. 

Following the live broadcast, will finalize the horse show results and publish the standings. 

Each entry will upload videos of their best rounds over fences from any horse show from the past 12 months and upload videos from home of their pony under saddle and in the model. The model will be judged on how the rider presents their pony (watch our video above!). Any rider eligible to show in respective pony divisions under USEF rules is allowed to enter, but riders may not cross-enter between the Children’s Pony and rated Pony Hunter divisions.

Yes, all INSIDER, VIP, PREMIUM COMPETITOR, and ELITE members must also be members of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA), the national governing body for the hunter/jumper sport. Those who are not already members of USHJA can sign up for a free Outreach membership HERE. is the official sanctioned online horse show competition of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA).

A nominal fee of $35 per round help pay our expert panelists for their time spent judging rounds. A portion of proceeds will also go toward charities.

Visit – register or log in – under Current Shows, click on the “View Competitions” button – choose what class you want to enter and click on “Enter/Upload” – click on “Compete” – Set your horse info – Set your rider info – Enter your payment and submit – Next to your entry, there is a video icon button to click – choose your video in any format – you’re done! Your video will be reviewed by a judge and then made live for the world to see!

Judges will submit scores for each round that are visible to anyone viewing the video. Members who sign up at VIP, PREMIUM COMPETITOR, or ELITE levels will have the opportunity to submit spectator scores on the rounds.  Simply type the number of the score (out of 100) and then #score in the chat text field. The average of all spectator scores will be updated live on the video’s page.

Click HERE to see a list of prizes for the USHJA Digital Pony Challenge!

In a show, each “winner” of spectator scoring will receive a gift from the Digital Tack Boutique (DTB), presented by Equis Boutique. The DTB rises above the ordinary tack shop. With superior service and high-quality inventory, they strive to educate and offer their clients an outstanding retail experience. They aim to seek and find items that suit their clients’ needs and to be present at the best events, as well as offer an easy-to-use online store, for their convenience. All ELITE members will also receive a 5% discount and free shipping on purchases of $200 or more. Other prizes from sponsors and prize money may be announced in the future!

Each horse may only be entered once per class and each additional entry does still require a registration fee, but there is no limit on how many times a rider can enter each class on a different horse. Horses should be ridden with the utmost attention for their welfare.

Shows through are coming soon, but click HERE to view the classes available for the USHJA Digital Pony Challenge!

USEF-licensed judges and course designers in the hunter/jumper industry are employed for all of our hunter/jumper equestrian events. The broadcast show may feature special guests who can provide additional feedback and interviews with winning riders, sponsors, top industry professionals, and more!

Our judges for the USHJA Digital Pony Challenge are Rachel Kennedy and Troy Hendricks. Patricia Griffith of Heritage Farm will be judging the “Review My Ride” mini clinic! events are run utilizing the basic principals and rules for competition of the United States Equestrian Federation. Should an instance occur that is not covered under the USEF rules and the judge will have the final decision.

Each hunter and equitation division will consist of two over fences and one flat class.

The judge’s decisions for all competitions are final.

Horses should be shown in the appropriate tack as required under the USEF rules for the division in which they are competing (i.e. Hunters or Equitation). Braiding is not required.

Riders should be neatly attired. Polo Shirts are allowed and jackets are not required.

Each over fence class will be judged and numerical scores awarded to each entry. Flat classes will be judged on one lap around in each direction at the trot and the canter and each entry will receive a numerical score from the judge.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to set the course to the specifications (ie heights and distances) on the course chart provided for each competition. Each course will specify heights, distances and the basic materials needed to build the course. The competitor is responsible for any and all materials they provide and use to build the course. It is strongly recommended that safety cups are used on the back rail of all oxers.

All horses must trot a circle on a loose rein either prior to or after the round as a soundness check.

Videos must be unedited; our technology will detect videos that have been edited. The video clip should have no music, only the natural ambient sound.

Comments made on the Chat Features of DHS should be kept to a positive tone. Any comments made that the DHS staff feels are inappropriate or bullying will be deleted. And the USER/Member will receive one (1) warning. Multiple offenses may lead to a members account being terminated and fees paid by the USER/Member will be forfeited.

A full listing of rules, regulations, and consequences are included on every horse show entry blank.

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